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“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

road to recovery

28 October 2009


Floral blouse (thrifted, but originally from TopShop)
Vintage blue skirt (thrifted and shortened by me)
Vintage 60s Heels (thrifted)

Listening to: The new Fat Freddy's Drop record - it just sounds better on vinyl!

My name is Laurel and I am a thriftoholic.

I am from a family of addicts with various afflictions. I thought that I had escaped, but alas I suffer from a neverending desire, thirst, hunger for a bargain. I dream of thrifting. I think about it multiple times a day. I cannot go a week without a fix. At times, not even a day.

I am currently trying to find a support group of others who suffer from this disease. Please post a comment so that I do not feel so alone.

Now, let me introduce you to my new best friend. She is a little shy so she won't let me show you all of her just yet. But let me just say she is beautiful. She is gold and shiny and perfectly made. She was born in the 1950s. She loves to dance and twirl around and around in her full skirt but for modesty's sake keeps her underskirt close.

She hasn't been out in public for a very long time so needs some time to adjust to this new era that we live in. But I have a feeling that she is going to fit in very well.



  1. lovely outfit, what is the label on your new little friend? I think I may have a relation of hers dancing around my wardrobe

  2. love ur awesome skirt and nice shirt :))
    adore ur shoes :))

  3. I agree, she is very pretty indeed.
    And that skirt is very on trend. Nice find.

  4. My hand is up-I too suffer from CFD (chronic thrifting disease). :) .And your new friend looks lovely. I agree with ^^^can't wait to see it on.

  5. Cute post! Love your adorable blouse.

  6. My name is Cécile and I am a a thriftoholic.
    And I love your outfit! I guess I will be a thriftoholic all my life.

  7. My name is Marianne And I am a thriftoholic too! I cannot go past an op shop without popping in just in case something awesome awaits.

    I love your outfit, it;s really cute! And that dress looks amazing...

  8. Oh thank you all for your comments!

    I am saving my new friend for one of the many weddings I am going to next year - so she will not make her debut til the new year! In the meantime though I am sure I will try her on from time to time and just twirl around the house a little.

    Rosina Lee - I will check the label tonight! It was made in London but the name of it just escapes me!

    Really lovely to have all you fellow thriftoholics commenting on my blog. Made my day


  9. I'll join the thriftoholic group, too. Do post more pictures of your latest find, it looks so perfect!

  10. i love the outfit, and i must say, your bangs are ADORABLE! btw, if you ever find that thrift addicts support group, fill me in, cause i'm right there with you!