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“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wearing: Vintage 50s Alice Edwards Ball Dress (Trade Me)
Vintage Red 60s Mary Janes (Ziggarat, Wellington)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I'm sure we are all gearing up for the New Year! In between the two holidays was my birthday. I find that my birthday is often a strange day in which I try to keep occupied and not think too much. It's not that I mind getting older (I am now 28) but that I think there is an element of pressure for it to be an amazing day. Something about my perfectionist nature.

So yesterday, I started with a champagne brunch cooked for me by my darling bf. One of my best girlfriends came over to help me with the champagne (my bf doesn't drink it) and we had a lovely time being served croissants with grilled haloumi and crepes with lemon and sugar.

Then my friend and I went into town shopping. I bought the gorgeous red 60s mary janes in the pictures. They are the perfect shoes. Perfect. Then she left and I continued on a vintage dress hunt and ended up buying two gorgeous dresses (not the beautiful one above - that is a recent treausre from Trade Me).

To finish the day, my bf and I went out for a delicious dinner and then we went to see The Lovely Bones at the Embassy Theatre (where they held the premiere very recently) and finally we wandered home. It was weird weather all day. Misty. Humid. Windy. The worst weather for my hair - I ended up looking like I had a bad 80s perm!

It is a lovely day here today and my bf has been taking pictures of me in items I am going to list on Trade Me at the end of the week. I couldn't resist putting on this dress for a quick photoshoot (it will definitely not be for sale anytime soon!).


Sunday, December 13, 2009

jess chambers

I went to see Jess Chambers last night at San Francisco Bathhouse. It was lovely. Cabaret seating. Candles. Bubbly. Perfect. Well, ok, our table was wobbly. But that made it an adventure. And we were in the front row!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

let's rock around the clock

Inspired by the Dear Creatures range
Wearing:Vintage 60s dress (thrifted and altered by me)
Black Opaque Tights
Vintage Red Boots (thrifted)

I have been tagged (for the very first time) by the ever lovely C├ęcile of L'armadio del delitto to answer 35 questions. This tag has certainly been doing the rounds! Here are my answers:

1.Where is your phone? Pocket.
2.Your hair? In a ponytail.
3.Your Mother? Recovering.
4.Your Father? Grumbling.
5.Your favourite food? Sushi.
6.Your dream last night? Strange.
7.Your favourite drink? Coffee.
8.Your dream/goal? To run my own little vintage clothing business.
9.What room are you in? My office.
10.Your hobbie? Reading, thrifting, writing.
11.Your fear? Of being trapped in a life I do not want.
(12. is missing)
13.Where were you last night? Home.
14.Something that you’re not? Loud.
15.Muffins? Strawberry and white chocolate.
16.Wishlist item? Anything and everything 60s.
17.Where did you grow up? New Zealand.
18.Last thing you did? Sent an email.
19.What are you wearing? 60s dress, tights, boots (above).
20.Your TV? On a ledge.
21.Your pets? Sadly, none.
22.Friends? Amazing.
23.Your life? Lucky.
24.Your mood? Content.
25.Missing someone? Always.
26.Vehicle? My own two legs.
27.Something you’re not wearing? A hat.
28.Your favourite store? Tete a Tete Vintage (Christchurch)
29. Your Favourite colour? Blue and Red (dependent on mood)
30.When was the last time you laughed? Last night.
31.The last time you cried? Last week at work.
32.Your best friend? England.
33.One place that I go to over and over? Salvation Army.
34.Facebook? Sometimes.
35.Favourite place to eat? Home.

I'm supposed to tag ten people but it's highly possible the ten people I choose have already been tagged! I invite every one of you who would like to do this to please do and let me know in the comments when you have posted your answers on your blogs.

Thank goodness for Friday and all its frivolity.