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Thursday, October 8, 2009

the reminder

Ooh, I am listening to the new Feist album. What's another word for wonderful?

I am actually just replaying it over and over and over again (my friend gave me a copy last night). Listen here.

So yes, this maybe a result of seeing 500 days of Summer last night. Andrea - you are so right. The soundtrack was the hero for me too. I thought that without the music I might have left feeling a little let down.

But Summer's wardrobe was as amazing as hoped. I would wear every single adorable outfit she dons in the film. Zooey is even more beautiful than usual in this role. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, Tom, is adorable. I fell a little bit in love with him. More so than Summer, which was natural considering the slant of the film.

I'm not going to do a full review - I'm just going to say that for me, it was a lovely little escape, a touch heart breaking and both visually and musically enchanting.

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  1. Oh! I love Feist too! Have you seen the video for Mushaboom? (one of my all-time fave songs - go you tube it!!!)

    I wasn't all that impressed by 500 days of summer, I thought it was all try-hardy and lame, although I must also say the soundtrack was great.


  2. You will love it :) When I first started listening to her in 2006 I was obsessed with Mushaboom! But Hollie, I've never seen the video...Gotta go check that out. And agreed about 500 Days of Summer. Her style and clothing made it worth watching though. And the music, good music!

  3. I think i ahve to see this, it looks beautfiul.

  4. I just today wrote about the soundtrack to 500 days of summer - it was truely gorgeous wasn't it? The ending, not so...

  5. When I first saw the picture I thought it was you :)

    I liked the movie, but loved the soundtrack, went straight home and listened to The Smiths.