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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

queen sophie-ann

Evan Rachel Wood. Vampire queen. A retro vampire queen no less. Wow. Evan gains my undying respect and admiration yet again. She is one sassy blood sucking fiend.

It's no secret - I am a fan of True Blood. It's by the creators of Six feet Under (oh how I love that show - two more seasons to watch!). It's a little weird. It has vampires. A kiwi and an aussie take on two of the leading roles. It's dark. Quirky. And more than a little addictive.

And when Evan turned up with her bold red lips and pin curls I actually shrieked. Yes, I did.

She is so versatile. Every role is different. She is for lack of a better word, fabulous.

I also loved her in Across the Universe.

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