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Monday, October 19, 2009

dreaming of faraway places

seeing the sunset
in the same sky;
but across the ocean
and far from home

seeing new stars
in the same sky;
you are shiny and
but i miss the
southern cross

soaking up the same sun
but on the other side of the world;
you are not as intense
but rather
hot and delicious

swimming in the same sea
but on the other side
of the world;
you are warmer
but still salty

the same but different
different but the same

wish i was there
wish you were here

images all my own


  1. Nice pictures!
    Some of them remind me of Andalucia! I'm Spanish and live in Madrid, which is in the centre of Spain, but I like Andalucia so much...
    I'd really like you to visit my VINTAGE BLOG

  2. Wow, those photos are great!

    And I would LOVE to hang out with you on the 19th. :D I have blocked the day out in my diary. Looking forward to it!

    A xx

  3. Gorgeous images!! They make me want to travel the world!


  4. Fabulous pictures !

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Everything was so much more beautiful in reality.

    The pictures are from Italy, Spain, and Morocco. Oh and the last one is from Paris. I saw this stencil everywhere when I was there - mostly in Montmatre.


  6. These photos are stunning! I love the one of the little white villa!