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Thursday, January 7, 2010

wardrobe clean-up

At the beginning of each year (and also about half way through) I like to do a wardrobe 'spring-clean'. I pull everything out. I discard items I haven't worn in months (and am unlikely to again). Some to sell. Some to give to charity. Then I make sure all my dresses and skirts and blouses are all on hangers (with some double ups - there's no avoiding it!). I am not as dedicated as the lovely Cate to colour code but I have my own 'system' per se in categorising.

How often do you clean-out your wardrobe? I find it such a satisying exercise. It's like letting out a very deep breath.

Oh and other news - my bf bought me a tripod today! Exciting! I can't wait to get my camera perched on its steady stand.



  1. I clean out my closet when I get frustrated. Which is good and bad: in my frustration I have the grrrr to make the hard decisions, but sometimes I take it a little too far. I am still mourning for things I gave away 9 years ago ;)
    Sabine xx

  2. That is exactly what I do! Twice a year I totally clean out my closet and vintage collection. It is so weird, but I just LOVE doing it!

  3. I clean my wardrobe out every time I move overseas!

    Yay for the tripod, and yay for steady pictures :)

  4. Lovely blog and etsy store, I just took a visit around both. You are adorable! :)

    Great initiave on cleaning the closet!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  5. Your wardrobe looks really nice, so many lovely-looking dresses in there. x

  6. Congratulations! I usually go through my closet in the fall and spring. And I double-hang like a fiend!


  7. Ahhh, it's settling to have it order isn't it? I usually do it once I get lazy and quit color coordinating and just hanging them wherever I can find space.. and then realize it looks yuck! Looks like your onto a good start for the new year! :)