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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

frocks on bikes

I love the idea of riding around on a bicycle this spring in a pretty vintage dress. I especially would like a bicycle with a basket. Even though my boy tells me that it is impractical and that knowing me I would fill it up, go off balance and fall off.

I unfortunately don't particularly like being on two wheels when faced with narrow streets. And hills. There is also the wind to contend with here in Wellington. And often, sideways rain.

If I did decide to brave these elements, I would would go straight to my friend Felicity's blog and check out the beautiful creations she has on offer:



  1. I love the idea of biking everywhere, but the disadvantages are:
    1) Scary roads
    2) Helmet hair! :)

  2. To combat points mentioned:

    1) Wide cycle lanes and respect from other vehicles on the road (instead of road rage!)

    2) A magic helmet that does not give us said helmet hair (we can dream right??). Maybe this will be my grand invention and source of fortune...