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Saturday, February 13, 2010

we're going on a summer holiday


12 February 2010


I'm sorry for another week long absence and please excuse me if I get behind on answering all your lovely comments. I'm away at the moment and will be back home for only two days before leaving on another little holiday. I have just been in Cromwell at the wedding of two of our best friends and next week two more of our very close friends are also getting married. Phew! Wedding season.

It has been amazing being down in the South Island and driving from Christchurch to Cromwell and back again. The north island is great but the south island is spectacular. Rather - it is home. And in the words of Dorothy there really is no place like home.

Here are a mere few snapshots of our trip, with a special appearance by Rowan, my partner in crime and this thing called life. He still stays incognito in his hat and aviators though.

Also making an appearance is the dress I posted about awhile back (it is actually a beautiful vintage cream/champagne colour but it looks white in the photos). It was the perfect dress to wear in the intense Cromwell heat. The shoes I have on were not as perfect. Freshly thrifted from the Cromwell Salvation Army the morning of the wedding, the heel caps melted on the scorching pavement as we walked to the church. Lesson learnt: test shoes prior to wearing. I can't wait to get the caps replaced though as they are so comfortable.


Wearing: Vintage 60s Crochet Dress (Trade Me - originally from San Francisco), Vintage Pearl and Gold Chain Costume Necklace (thrifted), Vintage Hermes Bag (thrifted), Vintage Selby T-Strap Heels (thrifted)


  1. Omy what a pretty dress, it's perfect!! and you're so pretty!!.. your partner in crime's lookin' pretty dashing as well. :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit! Love what Rowan is wearing too. I have relatives in Cromwell :D

  3. that is one gorgeous lace dress! perfect for weddings! you two make such a lovely pair :)


  4. Thanks lovelies!

    Rowan is back to hiding - no more photos for noe *sigh*