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Saturday, November 14, 2009

vintage patterns and writing challenges

Yesterday I took a break from the computer and went to a Fabric sale at the community centre in my suburb. I didn't intend to spend any money but of course, put me in a room full of vintage fabric and patterns and I go a little crazy. These patterns were only 30 cents each.

I also bought a whole lot of pretty fabric that I just need to wash and then hope to spend my christmas break trying some of these designs out. Counting down til December!

My writing has been scaring me a little these last couple of days. My novel is taking me to some very dark places and it has taken a lot out of me emotionally. It's strange sometimes the words that come out of us. The different selves. The exploration of things we really know little about and yet feel compelled to write about.

When I was eleven I wrote a poem and the first line 'I look at white and think of black/of death, murder, suicide and no turning back' has ensued a morbid fascination with the horrible things that we do to ourselves and to others.

However, I am pulling myself out of it this morning and am concentrating on some of the happier moments the characters in my novel experience.

To close, I will give you a snapshot of me today:

Wearing: Vintage Lady Bond Blue striped shirt (thrifted)
Vintage skirt shortened by me (thrifted)
Black tights (thrifted)
Black oxford heels (thrifted)


  1. what a great find! especially the home journal.

  2. I LOVE old vintage patterns! My mum has some great ones from when she was a little girl, I remember my sister and I used to love looking at them as kids.
    Love your outfit today too. x

  3. So jealous of that pattern haul!

  4. You look lovely; put together and elegant, and I love the different shades of blue. I hope your novel is going well--I'm also participating in the month, but I'm not sure if it counts, since I've been working on this particular book for three years! :) Anyway, good luck,

  5. Wow, great patterns - and 30c?! Score! And you look lovely :)

    Writing scares me waaaay too much to even try!

  6. Oh my, what gorgeous patterns!! And you look gorgeous, btw :))

  7. Oooh, those patterns are great! I love that orange and yellow dress. And your shirt is adorable :-)

  8. I love old patterns. I just added a few to my collection today. I love the one on the right in the 2nd pic. I will definately be searching ebay for that one!