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Friday, November 20, 2009

i am your shadow; you were my sun, you made me and I followed you

First of all, I apologise for my lack of posts. I promise this will change come the 1st of December! (Though I must admit to a slight halt in Nanowrimo proceedings). I thought today I would post a quick Trade Me update (NZ readers only - however, if you are overseas and are really interested in something I do have a Paypal account and we could maybe sort something out). The first and third picture were taken with my bf's camera and the middle one was taken a week ago with my new camera (which I am sadly still a little scared of - I only have the large zoom lense that it came with and am in desperate need of a 'normal lense' - oh, and a tripod!).

I have had a very busy week, which included two days down in Christchurch. I flew down Wednesday morning and spent the day with my Mum (it was her birthday). We had such a good day, starting with a spot of thrifting - a $1 sale at the local Salvation Army (I went a little mad!) - followed by a movie at the Art Centre movie theatre (An Education), and then a trip to my favorite vintage store in Christchurch (where I 'vintaged' my Mum up - I bought her a 60s dress and some vintage heels, which she left wearing!) and then finally we concluded with tapas at a local restaurant.

I spent the night and then my second and final day was spent with the lovely Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Colour. It is such a nice experience meeting bloggers in 'real life' (actually, Andrea is the only one who I've met so this is based on one experience only). Brunch, thrifting and a glass of wine in the sunshine = the perfect day. Thank you Andrea!

Then it was back to Wellington on Thursday night and back to work on Friday - which felt like another Monday (not the best way to end the week). Today in contrast has been a very lazy relaxed day, consisting of far too much bad tv and takeaway coffees and chocolate danishes. Oh, but I did manage to take some photos and get my listings up on Trade Me of course! Along with much washing of all my precious new vintage acquisitions.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend



  1. Your first dress is so cute!
    I met a lot of French blogger in Paris (I'm French), and one month ago, I met the fisrt Italien blogger (I live in Italy). It's so nice to meet bloggers in real life!

  2. I love the middle photo, with the light and the beautiful light blue. It looks so great with your coloring. And I can relate to being scared of your camera--I have a really intense one but I've only used it inside so far because it's so heavy!

    Good luck with your novel! I know how hard it can be...


  3. Okay! That is the sweetest floral sundress I've seen. I've just gotten rid of a whole lot of my dresses on Trademe but now fear amassing more by looking at yours!

  4. How adorable are those dresses! I love the floral one.


  5. My Nano novel has completely slipped off the mental map too! :)

    News is still secret ... not sure when I'll be able to announce it, but hopefully relatively soon. :)

    A xx

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :) I have been stalking some of your items on TM too...

  7. Hello, I cannot believe I haven't stumbled on here earlier! I've come through from fleurdelice, and so happy that I did. Lovely Trademe shop...I'm in Wgtn too and maybe hopefully will win one of your gorgeous dress auctions. Has anyone told you how much you look like Maggie G?
    Anyhoo, I will be sure to keep reading your blog!