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Saturday, March 13, 2010

it's been a long, long time

13 March 2010

I have had such a good day. You know those days when you walk around smiling and thinking you know what, things just couldn't get better than this? I love that feeling. I treasure it. Especially when it's so easy to get caught up in looking forward and back, but often not really feeling the present. Now. This minute.

Anyway, today the sun is shining and I got up early to go to a Pre-Loved Clothing sale in the city. I wasn't really sure what to expect as the emphasis seemed to be on designer clothing and I'm really not that interested in labels. But I went early anyway. Just in case. And I am so glad that I did. While we were waiting in line we got told where the different sections of clothing were. So, I headed straight for the vintage/retro racks and I was the first one to reach them. I swiftly surveyed the racks and started to collect whatever caught my eye. Then to the shoes. Then the jewellery. The belts. The bags. When my arms felt like they were about to collapse I decided I needed to leave. So I paid, and off I went with three bags full of amazing vintage treasures.

The dress I am wearing was actually something I almost put back - it came with a matching blue 60s coat (which I will show you at a later date) and was hidden below it. So in short - I didn't even realise the magnificence of what I purchased. I also got a gorgeous cashmere beaded cardigan which allowed me to tick it off on my 'wishlist' and a stunning cameo necklace (though I think it maybe just costume jewellery). These were my absolute favorites of my haul.

I am currently sorting through and due to items not fitting or being 'quite right' some of them will be up for sale on trade me over the next few weeks.

Now, I really need to get out in our new portable hammock (a gift from a friend) to read the latest edition of Frankie!


1960s Mod Dress ($5 at Pre-Loved Clothing Sale!), 1960s Tights (Etsy), Black Shoe Boots (thrifted), Sunglasses (Farmers)


  1. Oh lucky gal! Enjoy all of your goods! And make to share by taking pics. I was at Staglands, somehow I think you had more fun. (not that Staglands with the fams isn't fun, it just isn't a pre loved clothing sale!)

  2. ooo, what a cute dress! love your tights too
    Mamushka Marie

  3. I love, love that dress! Great colour and shape!

    Even better for $5!!!! Well done!

  4. You look lovely! Love your hair, the glasses, the dress, the tights - everything!!

    I'm also jealous of the thought of a hammock... it's cold and rainy where I am!

  5. that is one amazing dress! i love the shape of it, and can't believe it only cost you 5 bucks!


  6. Oh you went?! I was manning the "Petite" section with my mother for a while. You got a great bargain with this dress. Such a gorgeous candy colour.

  7. You're adorable !

  8. what a great treasure! and for $5 what a steal as well =] you're absolutley adorable <3


  9. Teenysparkles - I will definitely be taking more pics! And keep an eye on my Trade Me listings for the items that I have had to sell on!Oh and I'm sure Staglands was heaps of fun! x

    Mamushka Marie - Thank you! x

    Candice - It's cute isn't it? And somehow being $5 it's even cuter! (It's always that way with a bargain!) x

    Londyn - Thank you! Don't be too jealous of the hammock - we haven't had that much of a summer - but when the sun does come out that's where you will find me! (We're heading into the cold now though) x

    eunice - Thank you! I know! Bargain! x

    Carly - Thank you! x

    ana b - Really?! Oh it would have been so great to run into you there! Was lots of fun x

    開心唷 - Thanks! x

    Stéphanie - Oh thank you - you're sweet x

    heather - Bargain right?! Thanks so much xx